Promoting Your Business For Less !!

Small business owners must not be discouraged to promote their 
business on the internet. 
There are a lot of advantages in having a business presence
on the web.Here are some:
1) You're getting worldwide attention. People know your business exists.
2) The promotion does not stop even you're sleeping. It's on the Internet
24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7 for Internet savvy).
3) It does not get thrown away and can be printed or be sent to another 
person just as easy as a newspaper advertisement.
4) You can make updates as often as you want.
5) Inquiries and leads which can turn into orders will pay for itself.
6) Cost less than the same exposure in any other media but with more bang.
7) Can be seen in living color.
8) Your competition is already on the Internet and could be enjoying 
the benefits.

Promoting on a shoestring is not that hard either. You do not have
spend a lot of money to implement a promotional program for your 
business. It is a myth that in order to bring your business to the 
cutting edge of technology, it will cost you an arm and a leg. In fact here  
are ways to take advantage of the benefits with so little cost and effort.

1) Sponsor a well promoted site to take advantage of reaching
as many people in your targeted demographics. 
2) Get an e-mail address and connect this to the site you sponsor. 
If they have one for your business that will be a bonus.
3) Use a webpage in your advertising, people could check the webpage
for any news about business or any special sales.
4) Send a newsletter via e-mail to your customer database.
4) Include e-mail address in your business card. Patrons could reach 
you anytime of day by posting an e-mail when inquiry is not urgent or 
at night and during holidays.
5) Include coupon in your webpage to make people comeback for any
special in future dates that they may need your product again.
6) A vicinity map could be incorporated to show place of business.
People tend to visit a place that they know how to get to more often.
7) It a great way to get feedbacks on how to improve business.

There are more numerous benefits in having an Internet presence and 
once you find out how powerful the Internet as a promotional tool
you will surely say "How come I did not discover this sooner?"

The first step of making  the Internet your advertising agency is to 
start now. You can not afford not to be on the Web any more, 
businesses have more competition than ever and they too are 
discovering the power of the Internet. 

Let show you how to promote your 
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