The Marcos human rights victims have won their court case and had 
been awarded a monetary compensation in a Honolulu court. There is 
an amount that's in escrow from the Marcos account in Switzerland 
which was returned by a Swiss court. The escrow will determine that 
all conditions for the release of the money will be met. Is this the 
only money of the Marcoses or are there more somewhere?

Some people do believe that there's really a loot stashed somewhere 
in Switzerland. The Aranetas - Irene and Greggy is now under 
investigation in Germany for possible money laundering. The Australian
Reiner Jacobi has a wonderful story to tell about this matter, a spy 
thriller if ever made into a movie. Hired by PCGG during the Aquino 
administration to track the Marcoses hidden wealth, he was at it up to 
now. Read his story about the Marcos billions and his role in the 
Germany money laundering incident in his web site.

Likewise there's the Araneta's version on this affair. That this whole 
thing was a setup. Read about their denial and their version of the Germany 

After reading each side's story, judge for yourself who is telling the 
truth. Is there's really a hidden wealth? Or this just a big lie after all.

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The Marcos Billions - Reiner Jacobi's Web Site
The Aranetas' Version of the incident at 'Philippine Daily Inquirer'
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