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We started this feature mainly to come up with role models for Fil-Americans specially to our youth. We've been called an invisible minority because we tried to assimilate to the American main stream as quickly as we can. We're hoping that by this feature, we can showcase that Fil-Ams too are as successful as other minorities and capable of achieving more.
  • Dan Inosanto  
    Martial Arts Expert
    Inosanto is the heir to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and one of 3 instructors certified by Lee personally. He was Bruce Lee's private student, sparring and training partner - meaning he has the insight of what made Bruce Lee a great icon in martial arts. Dan Inosanto is also a major promoter of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). Aside from Jeet Kune Do, Inosanto teaches Kali, the Filipino stick and hand to hand martial arts. If you will see Matt Damon's movie, Bourne Identity, you will find out how devastating this form of Filipino martial arts is. With over 30 years of training in martial arts, Inosanto is recognized as one of its leading authorities. He wrote several books and have appeared in several movies.
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  • Lexa Doig  
    Star of Jason X and Andromeda
    What's with these Filipino-Canadians? They have produced several actors recently with the likes of Von Flores of Earth: Final Conflict fame and now comes Lexa. They have one thing in common though, their films are sci-fi genre. We wonder what's in Toronto, eh. >>>> more
    Other Filipino-American Personalities:
    Rey Pagtakhan-1st In Canada's Cabinet
    Benny Agbayani-New York Mets
    Olivia Ongpin - Top Web Designer
    Dado Banatao -Venture Capitalist / Inventor
    Cecilia Pagkalinawan - Web Entrepreneur
    Delasin / Rosales - Fil-Am Pro Golfers
    Von Flores - Actor
    Pinay - All Female Singing Group
    Brandon Baker - Teen Actor
    Innerlude -All Male Singing Group
    Cecil Mamiit - Pro Tennis Player
    Kai - All Male Singing Group
    Brian Viloria - U.S. Olympian - Boxing
    Michelle Malkin, Syndicated Columnist
    Miss America 2001-Angela Perez Baraquio
    Rodney Salinas-a Rising Star of Politics
    More Personalities In Future Updates !!
  • Asia Week's Salary Survey   
    Thinking of going back home and work there, think twice, the salary scale might be a big factor to consider. Let's take for example, if you're a systems engineer in the US making $5000 plus, in Asia (as per the survey), particularly the Philippines, you'll be making on average US$547 - roughly 10% of your US salary.
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  • Filipino Beauty Queens
    The Philippines have 3 Mses. International and 2 Mses. Universe to made us all proud of. The likes of Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz as Mses.Universe, Gemma Cruz, Aurora Pijuan and Melanie Marquez, the Mses. International. And some beauty queens married Filipinos like Armi Helena Kuusela (Miss Finland)- Hilario, Miss Universe 1952 who is married to a businessman and a Miss Australia married to a Filipino actor and comedian. Not to mention, Miss International 1960 Stella Marquez Zawadzky (Miss Colombia) - Araneta who is married to a scion of the Araneta family and the organizer of the Miss International in the Philippines. Indeed the Philippines is home to a lot of beautiful women. As a race, we have a long tradition in winning beauty contests, the Filipino Americans can be credited to have a several beauty title holders of their own. Aside from Miss Baraquio, the Miss Teen USA for 1998 is a Filipino American from South Carolina, Vanessa Minnillo.
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    This is our initial featured interview which we hope to be a continuing series. We are trying to go in depth with our Fil-Am celebrities. Finding more about them will make us more aware of our common heritage and common goals in life. This feature will give more insight as to how and what made them where they are right now. We hope this will serve as inspiration to all of us. Special thanks to Louella for making all of this possible.
    The Q and A with "Innerlude"

    of Asian-Americans
    Chinese and Filipinos reach Mexico on ships of the Manila galleon.
    Filipinos jumped ship from Spanish Galleon and established settlement near New Orleans. They introduced shrimp sun-drying process.
    Antonio Miranda Rodriguez Poblador, a Filipino, along with 44 other individuals were sent by the Spanish government from Mexico to establish what is now known as the city of Los Angeles.
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