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Articles of Interest to the Filipinos in U.S. and Canada

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 Articles of Interest:
 Asia's Best Colleges 2000  Shores Full of Surprises  Asia's Best Cities  Pres.Estrada's Days Numbered  Filipinos Happy in U.S.  Celebrating in Cebu  Filipino Animators  Can Estrada Explain His Wealth?  Silent Struggle Yields First Fruits of Labor  Burtanog Sisters - 8th generation Filipino Americans  An Analysis of 'Juetengate'  Rod Pulido and "Flip Side" at this year's Sundance Film Festival  SEX IN ASIA - A Time Asia Study  Asia Week's Salary Survey

You'll be surprised to know that a lot of the big animation studios that dishes out big production animations are farming out these opus to Asia and mainly to the Philippines. A Filipino company, Fil-Cartoons, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanna Barbera, a subsidiary of Time-Turner Broadcasting - now an America Online subsidiary, had been making these saturday children delights for a long time.Filipinos' sense of humor makes this profession, artists and technicians, a natural thing for us. Our love of story telling and telling jokes as a people despite the adversities in life are traits that are valuable in this line of work, making the Philippines as an ideal location for the industry. Visit the various studios like the Universal Studio's and you'll see plenty of Filipinos in the drawing tables or cubicles.Most of these artists are from Fil-Cartoons.You'll notice that the drawings have Filipinoness on some of them - maybe because ...hmmmmm you know what I mean or it's just your imagination after reading this article. Related article CNN Article>>>>>


Philippine President Joseph Estrada linked arms with former presidents Fidel Ramos and Corazon Aquino at a public event in Manila. The gesture was meant to appease Estrada's most prominent critics against the backdrop of a whispering campaign that suggests Estrada might soon be overthrown. Increasingly, he is being tarred with the brush of association with the despised Marcos era.Whether removed by force or by the broad coalition arrayed against him, Estrada is unlikely to fulfill his six-year term in office. Written by Statfor Inc.- a private intelleigence firm.  MORE>>>>>


According to the U.S. census, there are approximately 9 million people living in America who are of Asian descent. 23% of that are of Chinese ancestry; 20% are Filipino; 12% are Asian Indian; and Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese each share about 10%. It is expected that by the year 2000, Filipinos will be the largest Asian/Pacific Islander group. In the state of California, there are more Filipinos than there are of Chinese. And in San Diego County, Filipino Americans are the largest Asian-Pacific Islander group. MORE >>>

Davao City is ranked 18th this year, the highest ranking Philippine city followed by Cebu City and Metro Manila at 25th.  MORE >>>>


An unprecedented public opinion poll of Filipinos in Southern California paints a picture of a vibrant and confident community of people, satisfied with where they live and work but groping to define their cultural identity and to turn their growing numbers into political influence.Written by K. CONNIE KANG, Times Staff Writer MORE>>>>>


Once aground, I sensed that this was an exciting time to be in the Philippines. The nation had just celebrated the centennial of its independence from Spain after four centuries of colonialism. A new president, Joseph Estrada, had been elected. And an unseasonable storm was gathering on the horizon.


Coming from an American tourist who visited the Philippines recently, this article showcase the country as a wonderful tourist destination and that includes first time visiting foreign born tourists of Filipino descent. We were asked a lot of times as to how can Filipino Americans who have never been there all their lives explore the country. This article will be a great resource for those who are wanting to take a look of the Philippines than looking for unknown relatives and visit unfamiliar places. John Henderson, a sportswriter for the Denver Post, visited Philippines' Bohol, Aklan's Boracay and Palawan - 3 great destinations that are away from Manila but can offer a wide range of activities with inexpensive accommodations. Please see the article.
 MORE >>>>


How does your Philippine alma mater stack-up with the rest of Asian colleges. Edited(?) by "Cesar Bacani" of ASIANOW, this site is quite controversial just like US News in the 'States' too many people are questioning the criteria in selection. If my school is ranked at the bottom I will question the ranking for sure. But overall in my opinion, they did a good job. There are prestigious universities like University of Tokyo which declined to be ranked - when you're as great as this school, who needs ranking, let the alumni speaks for itself. Is your school at par? Find out.  MORE >>>>


The title suggested what this article of 'Philippine Center for Investigative Reporting' (PCIJ) is about.PCIJ is a multi awardee non profit organization that deals more deeply on current issues. It was written by 3 Filipina journalists: YVONNE T. CHUA, SHEILA S. CORONEL and VINIA M. DATINGUINOO. They dug up SEC records and analyzed the documents to come up with this controversial report on the Pres. Estrada's finances. We as Filipino Americans will be asked in the near future as to what we know about this brewing scandal in the Philippines, reading this article will give you more insight as to what this issue is all about. We have no opinion in this controversy nor taking sides, we just want to present this for you to come up with a balance opinion with data and facts straight from the people who did the research.
 Philippine Center For Investigative Reporting Web Site  >>>>>  Philippine Newspapers  >>>>


This article by Esme Infante Nii and Beverly Creamer, both Honolulu Advertiser Staff Writers, dealt with the struggles of Hawaiians with Filipino ancestry. The discriminations in the job and the stereo type image of Filipinos. Now that the Filipinos are coming of age politically, they are hoping that other race will take a look them in a different light. There are about 200,000 residents of Filipino ancestry living in Hawaii. The Filipinos is the state’s third-largest and fastest growing ethnic group. The writers analyzes the past and present of these Filipino Americans in Hawaii. This Hawaiian experience could be a model to all Filipino American communities.A good reading and reference about what political empowerment can do to minorities, how it all affect them in life.  The full article...  >>>>>


We've been talking in this website about the "Manila Men" who jumped ship to escape to the hard life in Spanish galleon. This is a first hand interview with two of the living decendants of these men - the Burtanog sisters of St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana - eight generation of the first Filipino settlers. The interview relates to how they grew up and about their being of Filipino ancestry. An interesting reading for all of us.This is an excerpt from "My America, or Honk if You Love Buddha" - a film by Renee Tajima-Peña.  The full article...  >>>>>


This Spanish galleon, sunk in the late 1700s off the Philippines. Believe to carry cargoes destined for California - as among the recovered artifacts are bells made for the Sapnish missions in California. Sunk after departing from Puerto Princesa during skirmish with Moro pirates that preyed on Spanish ships.Knowing that capture meant certain death, the crew fought off the marauders until a cannon on the galleon exploded, triggering a secondary explosion that sank the ship. That was in the late 1700s. Editor's Note: In our opinion, the cause of the sunking could have been a small cannon called "Lantaka" or swivel cannon which a commonly used by the natives for warfare during that time. Further research by historians could allude this sunking to such a weapon.  The full article...  >>>>>

A Think Tank's Analysis of 'Juetengate'

The Texas based intelligence consulting firm is at it again. It analyzes the current Estrada's corruption scandal that rocks the country. As always we present to you another article that will give you more ideas about the goings in the Philippines - so you can form your opinion of the crisis. Compare as well the Philippines' situation against it neighboring countries such as Indonesia and the China/Taiwan relations.  The full article...  >>>>>

Seattle's "Pinoy Teach" is helping promote Filipino culture awareness

Two Filipino Americans, Timoteo Cordova and Patricia Espiritu, started a multicultural awareness curriculum, Pinoy Teach, to introduce the Filipino culture to students in public, private and parochial schools in Seattle and Bellevue.The program will be taught by student teachers from Washington University. We believe that by teaching the various cultural heritage of students at this level will enhance their appreciation of their diverse cultural enviroment. All other states should have similar program to promote the various ethnic's customs and traditions and Pinoy Teach is leading the way.  The full article...  >>>>>

Rod Pulido and "Flip Side" at this year's Sundance Film Festival

Director Pulido's recent opus,Flip Side, was shown at Sundance Film Festival from January 25 to 27 at Yarrow Theater at Park City, Utah - please see links for more information about Sundance and this Filipino American entry.The film is about the Dela Cruz family's struggle about Filipino American cultural issues. More >>>>>>

SEX IN ASIA - A Time Asia Study

Have you ever wonder what are our Asian brethren's perspective about SEX or it is still a taboo word in their language. A study conducted by Time Asia magazine has some interesting revelations that will astonish all of us. Their prudish and sometimes too cautious discussion of sex is now out in the open. They no longer squeamish about this topic as much as we do. They talk about sex as candidly and openly as if finally their feelings and innermost thoughts can be told. Pretty much amusing are the articles that came with this "Special Report" such being gay in Singapore, pick-up artist and dominatrix in Hong Kong. How about "boy toys" in Shanghai and having a "sex change" in Bangkok. Need a natural form of "Viagra", try the article "Helping Hand" for natural aphrodisiac. This study is worth reading. More >>>>>>

Asia Week's Salary Survey

Thinking of going back home and work there, think twice, the salary scale might be a big factor to consider. Let's take for example, if you're a systems engineer in the US making $5000 plus, in Asia (as per the survey), particularly the Philippines, you'll be making on average US$547 - roughly 10% of your US salary. Good resource for all those thinking of going home for good or work temporarily. More >>>>>>

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