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The Benefits Of Sponsoring www.epilipinas.com
We are one of the mostly highly ranked Websites for Filipinos over the worldwide web. Our contents attracted more visitors to our site, we constantly add new articles and features that will highlight the Filipino achievements and we regularly update our features. Our features include Filipino and Erap jokes, and American Humor; recipes of favorite Asian and Filipino food; new Fil-Am celebrities that were given less attention before like 'Innerlude' - a goup singing sensation which we featured in our 'Fil-Am In the Spotlight'-past featured celebrities includes Dado Banatao - whom in our opinion, the most successful Filipino in the computer industry and Cecilia Pagkalinawan, which we believe the most successful Filipina American Web Enterpreneur, researched articles like the 'Filipinos and The Medal Of Honor', 'Wanted:Fil-Am Film Makers' Filipino Cuisine and American Mainstream' and more; and the Filipino American directories that include businesses and organizations in the U.S. See for yourself why we're ranked so high.Our site contents made all the difference. Here are some of the benefits of promoting with us by being a sponsor: 1) Take advantage of daily volume of traffic to our site that visit us everday. A well promoted site takes the cost of promoting your own website. What do big companies like IBM, AT&T ,Microsoft etc. have in common? - they promote their business through other business sites for demographic markets and so should you. 2) We will provide your business with e-mail for free. And all your employees can also register for free e-mail account.Communication is facilitated through Internet at no cost to the business. You can send newsletter via e-mail to all your customers who have e-mail addresses.                       Free Business e-mail Sign-up 3) We will automatically include your business in our U.S. directory and placed a sponsor ribbon besides it to indicate your business as a sponsor of the website. 4) You can avail of our other services that are open only to sponsors like 'Menu' / 'Product List' or a simple page about your business. More pages can be added to make product more descriptive. 'Coupons' for promotion during openings or slow days - your operating cost stays the same despite the slow business. You can be included in our future 'sponsors only' business benefits. See Sample Menu See Sample Coupon 5) Printable 'Site Map' to create a map on how to get to your place. Ease of getting there makes your business more attractive to people. 6) Sponsorship is tax deductible expense as advertising cost, check with your accountant on this matter. 7) You support a Filipino business that promotes the culture over the Internet. 8) You have the expertise of people behind the www.epilipinas.com. People with Internet and computer experience, their proven marketing skills and their knowledge of the market and culture. 9) Lastly, it will only cost you pennies a day but the returns are enormous in terms of business and goodwill. For our Promotional Service Packages, Please send us an E-mail below and will send you the Pricing Structure.Download this printable
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