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 In your family, was there any musicians or singer that have influenced you?

ERIC- “I can say that my younger brother James influences me. He is one of the 
most dedicated and hardest workers that I know.”

JAMES-  “My brother Eric, who is also in the group, was the other musician in 
the house. I would give Eric credit for me being a member of Innerlude because 
he was the one that influenced me to be in a group with him. Thank God I 
decided to take his advice.” 

CYRUS- “Music runs really deep on my fathers side of the family. My father sang 
and also played the guitar.” 

 Who are your musical influences, besides your family members?

ERIC- “My musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Boys II Men 
and Babyface.”

JAMES- “Throughout my musical career, I have been influenced by the works of
Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Babyface and the phenomenal Celine Dion.”

CYRUS- “Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are one of my biggest influences 
vocally...the way the execute a song and the way they diction everything is 

 Growing up, were you encouraged to be professional singers by your elders 
or they prefer that you go to college instead and earn a degree?

ERIC-  “My family always supported us 110%, but of course education is a 
very important thing, so WE do both. Our families just want us to be 
successful in whatever we do.”

JAMES-  “My parents and the rest of my family are with me 100% in all I 
do, most especially with my singing career. School is also important to 
my mom and she encourages me to earn a college degree. I have continued 
my education at a 4 year college and should be graduating in 2 years.” 

CYRUS- “Well, like all families, school was very important to them and they 
really want to see you succeed. At first my family was hesitant about my 
singing career, but now they've come to accept it and are very supportive.”
 What are your favorite Filipino foods?

ERIC- “My favorites are ... there are too many to list!”
JAMES-  “My favorite Filipino food is Pancit. =o)”
CYRUS- “Well, Filipino food is great in general. There are way too many 
dishes that I would consider my favorite.”

 Does family life evolved in your daily life?

ERIC- “Family is the MOST important thing in my life, and they do evolve in 
my daily life. Whenever I have spare time, I just like to spend it with my 

JAMES- “Yes, my family is a big part of my daily life.  I spend as much time 
as I can because we travel frequently, doing shows around the country.  It's 
hard to be away for so long. You start to miss home-cooked food and being 
surrounded by family.”

CYRUS- “Of course it does...I myself am very family-orientated, so spending 
time with my family is a ‘must.’”
 What are your immediate career and long-term goals in life?

ERIC- “My immediate career goal is to finish INNERLUDE’S 2nd Album, My long 
term would be getting a Grammy award.”

JAMES- I am a full time student and vocalist.  I am earning a degree in 
Business Marketing. If I'm not studying for school, I'm studying "voice". 
Being a singer is a job in itself because it takes a few hours of daily 
practice to learn about your voice and to "maintain" it. My long-term goal 
is to succeed in the music industry. For Innerlude to be known in the U.S. 
and in Foreign lands.  I want to have a career in Singing.

Have you been to the Philippines? If not, will you visit someday just to find out your roots? ERIC- “My first time in the P.I was 2 years ago in November.” JAMES- “Unfortunately, I haven't made that 16 hour flight to the Philippines. Although, I am planning to visit the Philippines within the next year.” CYRUS- “Yes I have visited the Philippines...I must say that we, the Filipino Americans, take advantage of the materialistic things here, where in the Philippines, my family struggle to live by working very hard for so it really puts me in check and I thank God for making me so fortunate.” What motivated you guys to be great performers? ERIC- “Well, I always knew that if you wanted something bad enough, you can get it. The guys and I work hard because we want to be at a certain level, and hopefully one day we can be on top. We all just take things one step at a time, and eventually with all the hard work we will get there.” JAMES- “A good portion that has motivated me to be a performer is the reaction received and the feeling of being on a stage. Being on stage to do something you love and dream about is one thing, but doing that in front of Thousands of people, who are CHEERING for you, is what makes you work hard and want to come back for more.” CYRUS- “It motivates me by how the audience makes me proud to see what I am doing affects people in a positive way...its very rewarding.” Where there any regrets in your chosen career? ERIC- “NONE.” JAMES- “No, I don't regret anything I've done or anything about this career. We have met so many wonderful people and gained so many supporters throughout the country. I've been blessed to have this opportunity and I will "live it" as long as it lasts. CYRUS- “Regrets?? No, of course not...This is my dream! I knew what I was getting into...and I’m gonna do what every it takes to make it in the mainstream and not only that, be one of the first Filipino-Americans to do so.” What will you advise others who would like to follow your footsteps? ERIC- “Always follow your dreams and your heart. Don't wait for things to happen, but make things happen, and Never let anyone bring you down.” JAMES- “I would tell others to follow your dreams and don't give up that dream. There's only one life to live and you'll never know if it will come true without trying. I haven't reached my dreams yet, but I have definitely touched it and will continue striving until I get there.” CYRUS- “My advice is...Never give up on your dream...Only you can determine your own success.” What message you would like to say to young Filipino Americans? ERIC- “Thanks for supporting Innerlude, and for those who do not know of us take the chance to get to know us. It's all about love. I would really like to share with the world how Beautiful our culture is, and as long as the Filipino community continues to support us, we will be recognized worldwide, but this only can happen if we All support each other and continue to grow. Its all about making noise in this industry without support from our fans, I don't think we would be anybody. Thanks for the Love!” JAMES- “I would tell the Young Filipino Americans to be proud of who you are. Keep working hard in whatever profession you choose to go into because we are bound to make our mark in this world someday.” CYRUS- “To the young Filipino Americans: We need to support each other...this is the only way that we can breakdown the barriers and the only way we can succeed.”

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